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What to Cook This Weekend

Good morning. I had a remarkable heirloom tomato pizza the other day, at Lucia of Avenue X in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Sal Carlino, the chef and owner, bakes a white pie and then shingles slices of raw tomato over the top. When you order a slice, he puts it in the oven to reheat, but only briefly, so that the tomato doesn’t really cook. It’s like bruschetta pizza. It’s really cool.

Want to make a version of that this weekend? I did recently, using a hack of this recipe for a cheeses pizza (above) from Roberta’s, also in Brooklyn. (For the base, I omitted Taleggio and black pepper, increased the Parmesan and grated two cloves of garlic over the top.) When the pie was leopard-spotted and finished, I arranged thick slices of perfect tomatoes over the top, sprinkled on some flaky salt and served the thing immediately. It was like bruschetta pizza. It was really cool.

Pizza innovation is everywhere, it seems. In the “Where to Eat: New York City” newsletter the other day, my colleague Nikita Richardson wrote about a life-changing clam pie she had at Bellucci’s Pizzeria in Astoria, Queens. You need to order it a couple of days in advance. I might try to make a version at home, in place of the clam-chowder pizza I generally make.

I’ve been enjoying the chill and darkness of “Entrapped” on Netflix.

For The Walrus, Matthew Braga considered the question “How Do You Make the Perfect Toy?

Finally, Lindsay Zoladz turned me on to new music from Phoenix, “Tonight,” featuring Ezra Koenig. As she noted in The Times, it’s very 2009 and welcome for that. Play it loud, and I’ll see you on Sunday.


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